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My youngest branding client to date !!!

It’s never to early to start building a brand, a business or to try your hand at being and entrepreneur, think of lemonade stands and washing your neighbours car, and whilst times have moved on a lot, with so many social media platforms to voice your options and passions, it’s common place and a natural progression to see thousands of teens launching blogs and I’m all for it.

It’s another life lesson, under parents guidance of course, but more importantly it gives them a glimpse into the world they are about to enter from a working perspective, and lets be honest here, as long as it’s on a positive topic, it’s not going to hurt their Uni/ job application by showing a bit of initiative.

I received a cry for help from a dear friend of mine informing me that her daughter wanted to set up a blog I was intrigued. Miss C wanted  her own platform to share the latest trends for budget conscious fashionistas within the teen market. With all the pressure and PR around body positivity and body image, coupled with so many photoshopped, filtered and totally unrealistic expectations I thought it was a fantastic idea. When teens can relay to other teens in a positive way it’s fantastic, we’ve all been their but

She a brilliant name for her blog and had grabbed her Instagram account but not much more and this is where I came in.

I don’t currently offer my services as a web design or builder, setting my clients up with a WordPress website/blog is something I certainly can do  and may offer in the future, especially to small business start up that either don’t have a huge budget for a custom site or the technical now how.  Starting a business is hard enough without the somewhat steep learning curve of setting up a site !

As mum was essentially her financial  backer,  this project was on a fairly tight budget  so I decided to approach this a little differently by way of teaching, rather than just doing. Now I am not saying I went through every step of the set up with Miss C, firstly a teens attention spam is limited when they aren’t interested in something, and let’s be honest the installing, font changes , moving boxes,  creating side bars and getting everything to look how you won’t on the front end of a site is pretty boring. The exciting stuff is pulling all the pretty  stuff together, the imagery, contact and fluffing the front end.

Together we purchased the domain name, secured an not too expensive host and pressed install on her WordPress site. She had an idea of how she wanted her site to look and thankfully I had a template or two I could share  that would sit over her WordPress base so she could have something a little more edgy and professional from the get go. was born.

Before we got to the fluffing of the site I gave Miss C  homework. I spoke to her about the importance of creating a concise brand from day one, and filtering that through all her social media platforms to create something that would be instantly recognisable over time, we all need that brand recognition.  For that I gave her a mini version of a branding work book and asked her to think about who her audience was, what they would be looking for, how she could connect with them, what are there likes, dislikes, frustrations, how could she help them. Something that would be fairly easy for her as she is her audience, but getting her to really think about it and write it down is one of the first steps in creating that brand.

I guided her to use imagery and colours she liked, from people she followed in Instagram to looking on the web. And showed her the tools she could use to create a branding board, her first reference point to keep things consistent. We worked through the fine tuning of colours and fonts together and I explained what would and wouldn’t work and how she could get around certain issues if she really wanted “that look”.

Once the initial style was set up, it was now her turn to learn how the back end worked, how to create pages and post, add images , change headers etc and she was ready for the off. We also included a mini personal branding session so she had an idea of how to take her own shots, get her friends to help her and set her up with a few images she could use as she pleased if she didn’t have time to take that selfie.

Armed with a manageable amount of knowledge she has launched and if she runs into any problems she knows I am her at the end of the phone.


If you are just starting out and would like help with branding, setting up a website/ blog, personal branding photography get in touch.

I cover London and the South East, but happy to travel or work remotely.




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