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We’ve all seen the trend that personal branding has become more than just the stiff and slightly imposing corporate headshot (and yes I do cover those as sometimes that headshot is all that’s required) and personally I think that’s fantastic.

You want to be seen as approachable from the get go. Personal and the more lifestyle approach to to branding is just that, it’s a more honest image, as a photographer it gives me a little more artistic licence to include some playfulness evening the more serious of industries.,

I’ve worked with this particular client on both the family side of photography and creating corporate head shots for a fabulous group go highflier’s from the city, so when she called me and told me she and her partners were setting up on their own and they wanted something a little different for their brand images and website we started to plan.

With all brand images it’s incredibly important for the client to have and idea of what they want to get out of the session, what types of images the expect, the backdrops they would like to use that also resonate with their brand. As images speak a thousand words it’s sooooooo important to make a great first impression and that comes down to planning.

I am more than happy to guide and give realistic expectations about what is achievable, but with out the initial input from a client, it’s very much like taking a shot in the dark!

After I’ve chatted with my clients, taken a nose around the website ( if they have one) and getting an overview of what the business is all about, it’s on to the planning stage. The whole process is a collaboration and needs input from both sides, this is important and ensures the end result is something the client is more than happy with.  Encompassing  location scouting, the look and feel of the desired images, even down to the poses that they prefer.

For that part of the planning I’m a huge fan of Pinterest ( it’s not all cookies and cupcakes). As I work visually most of the time, this is the perfect platform for both parties to create a private mood board, the more planning and the more input, the more you get out of the shoot.

This fabulous client had it down even scouted locations close to her which included the city skyline and more off beat rustic cafe/ warehouse locations, a photographers dream. Even the guys ( sorry fellers) who I have found over the years are notoriously squeamish at having their picture taken, relaxed, laughter and really enjoyed the shoot.

There website can be found here – Seismic Foundry

If you would like to discuss a personal branding shoot, head shots, or stock shoot for your brand drop me a line here.

I cover London and the South East, although can travel further a field.

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